Meet a ‘furry’ costume designer who sells full-body fur suits for over $1,000 in their spare time profiled Hailey Gill a fursuit maker who makes fursuiters cheaper than most.

She started out in college and now it’s her full-time business.

By day, Hailey Gill, 24, works as a social service assistant for the National Guard of Oklahoma. But during off hours, Gill, who uses “they”gender pronouns, is a garment designer with an interesting clientele. 

To quote the article:

According to Gill, while a fur suit can be a nice touch for any furry’s development of their animal character, the most important part of creating a furry alter ego is forming a personality. 

“You try and create a character which is the idealized version of yourself,” Gill said. 

For Gill, that’s an outgoing emerald green wolf named Zoe. Gill identifies as more of an introvert, so they see Zoe as a way of being more social and extroverted. Zoe’s appearance has changed over the years but their personality has ultimately remained the same. 

Gill keeps their fursona consistent, but some furries have multiple fursonas they costume as, though it is uncommon. 


My 1st Computer

For the record, my first computer was a Radio Shack Color Computer 2 I found in the trash.