This Incredible $3 Business Card Runs Linux

YES, you read this right, it is both a business card and a PC.

Taken straight from Forbes no less, so you know this is not fake, LINK

There are many ways to leave a lasting impression through a cleverly designed business card, but nothing screams “now this is unique” quite like a business card that doubles as a stripped-down ARM computer running Linux. That’s precisely what Embedded Systems Engineer George Hilliard has built, and with a total cost that’s surprisingly affordable.

This impressive business card is powered by an AllWinner ARM9 processor called the F1C100s (a rather ancient piece of tech primarily used in dashcams), which Hilliard says can be purchased for as low as $0.90 in bulk, or about $1.20 per piece. The finished product packs in a USB port that can be plugged in to access the card’s shell, and the included writable flash drive stores Hilliard’s résumé, photography highlights, a README file, and even a handful of classic Unix games like 2048.

The rest of the article is on Forbes, but really folks this one blew me away.