Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

Friendship depends on trust and trust depends on having a strong sense of concern for the welfare of others. Be honest, truthful and warm-hearted. Make compassion the basis of your determination. Think of what the future can be, not what happened in the past.

One intrepid reporter journeys into the nexus of furries, vapes, and alien impregnation culture

AV Club had a article posted recently

Look, if you were to tell us 10 years ago that this whole “furry” thing would someday evolve into a lasting, complex meta-culture of sexual fetishes, post-ironic memes, conspiraciesoccasional Nazism, and inclusivity activism, we’d have probably laughed ourselves out of breath, then returned to discussing how My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy rules and Kanye will never, ever disappoint us. Today, furry culture is about as brain-breaking a topic as one can get for us normies, so, unless that sort of thing really speaks to you, you’d be forgiven for not paying it a whole lot of attention.

Which is a lead to what I would say is a rather interesting video