9 Facts About Furries That Will Totally Change The Way You Think About Them

You might be shocked by the fact Women’s Health Magazine did a piece on the fandom.

They got this photo from Getty Images

If you geek out over movie characters or famous bands, or if you’ve ever done something as simple as invite your friends over to watch The Bachelor, you have more in common with furries than you think. “Furries are fans, just like anyone else,” says Courtney Plante, PhD, professor of psychology at Bishop’s University and co-founder and lead data analyst for FurScience. They’re fans of “films, stories, and artwork that feature animals [that] walk, talk, and do human things.”

Then they got in to such topics as

1. Furries are not dysfunctional or socially awkward

2. They’re not sexual deviants, either

3. Anyone can get involved in the community in a number of ways…

I will say the article is fair and well balanced. They are not slamming the fandom only covering misconceptions like the sex thing.

Think furries get turned on by wearing fursuits? Again, not the case.

Truth is, only 15 to 25 percent of furries actually own a fursuit, and among them even fewer find it kinky. (As you can probably imagine, it’s very warm in there.) The goal for most is to escape reality for a bit.

But while there’s nothing inherently sexual about the fandom, Plante likens erotic furry content that is out there to the way Star Trek fans have sexualized Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock or car enthusiasts hang up posters of women sitting on the hoods of their favorite models. And when it comes to furries having sex with each other, he points out that most people date and have sex with people with whom they share a common interest. Furries are no different.

Completely fair as you can see, if you want to read more you can find it HERE

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