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NYC Subway Looking for Mascot

Although the full article can be found here on In short as any subway passenger knows who lives anywhere that subways have hazards, thieves being just one. On my daily commute, I see homeless, rats, bed bugs, and things to bad even on a crowded train unless you have a strong stomach you don’t want to be in that car.

Well anyway NYC is looking for a subway mascot and according to the results of a recent poll, The Pizza Rat is favored by most. After all, you can go online and get a Pizza Rat tee shirt right now . Although there is no OFFICIAL announcement of the winner yet.

I did like the list of rejected ideas

  • Farrah The Fare Increaser: She would have been designed ala a Disney Princess, only with a wand that makes fares go up. Perhaps involving a “lean in/swipe in” catchphrase.
  • Confucius The Confused Pigeon: Confused about which line you should be taking? Don’t worry, Confucius The Confused Pigeon can help.
  • Gari The Green Goop: Gari is to be employed specifically in situations where customers come into contact with unknown liquids. “Don’t be scared of the goop, it’s just Gari, the patron saint of unidentified substances!” Unfortunately, no one was sure how to make a costume that looked like goop.
  • The Man Shredder: An R-rated mascot who has chainsaw hands and goes around “cutting off” manspreaders’ legs. May be considered “too real” by some within the agency.
  • Pizza Rag: Like Pizza Rat but a rag, get it?
  • Andrew Cuomo: A heroic, life-sized costume of the governor of New York, complete with comically enlarged biceps and six pack, who sweeps in to fix any problem on the subway, except for the ones he caused. It was nixed because even Cuomo’s mascot apparently refused to ride the subway.