Mel Magazine recently published a truly interesting article on Furries and mental health.

They go into stories of 2 people Ben and Max and of how being a furry has helped them enjoy life to the fullest.

To better spread (and back up) this message, Roberts co-founded the International Anthropomorphic Research Project, a collective of academics dedicated to producing evidence-based research on furry culture and providing insights about it to therapists. “Sometimes I might encourage a therapist working with a furry who has a fursuit to have them bring in their costume to the session, and use that as part of a conversation,” Roberts says. “In most cases, furries won’t actually have a suit, in which case I’d encourage them to engage with the fursona in different ways and to be interested in the relationship the [patient] has with their fursona as a way of exploring their emotions.”

The article goes in to much more detail than I can go into here. But if your curious it’s only a click away HERE