Golden Tail Awards Update

Here’s what has been going on since my last update.

Feb 28th they added the most epic adventure in “Furry Video Game of the Year” Love all the furries in the “Original character of the year” category Do you know any Mexican furry videogames?

On March 2nd they added “Fursuiter of the year” Recognize the effort and passion behind making your second skin in “Fursuit maker of the year”

March 6th they added “Comic of the year”. -Sex, modesty, and much more. Let the passion overflow with “NSFW comic of the year”.

Then on March 9th they added “Revelation Artist of the Year” – And show us that new talent with a story born from your heart with “Writer revelation of the year”

The Awards are only open to Mexican furs. If you happen to be one I encourage you to get involved either way follow them on Twitter @furryGTAwards to get the latest updates.