Beastars Mini Review

Bear with me I only have seen the first episode so far and all I can say is: INCREDIBLE!!! Literally one of the best as well as the most intense series I have ever seen. But it left with one question….Who is the real predator?

A Very solid 10 out of 10

COVID-19 and Fur Cons

Face it you are worried that you might not make it to your favorite fur con this year. Hell I am worried too, especially after these 2 notices appeared on Twitter.

The following is from Furnal Equinox although the full article can be found HERE

Cons are actually worried that they either have to postpone or outright cancel. In Chicago we have several HUGE cons C2E2, Anime Central and Anime Midwest all getting over 10,000 in attendance. I was planning on going to one, but I have to play it by ear.

So it seems some are as well

We just have to ride this COVID-19 out, I think some are going too crazy about the toilet paper you seen the photos? But we will survive this despite what our elected officials says.