When is ‘Beastars’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix?

According to whats-on-netflix roughly June 2021

As for the rest of the article it dives into the manga and what we should expect from what has suddenly turned into a phenomena. Sales of the Manga through the roof, I am sure that if there was a Beastars game that would be doing well too.

There is a problem with doing an article like this “SPOILERS” that article has them all and should be labeled “SPOILER WARNING!!!” Which I will not get into here, mainly because it is as simple as looking up a YouTube video on the differences between the manga and the anime. Not to forget what were seeing on Netflix has been censored to some degree and I won’t be getting in to that either because I love the series and hope it becomes available on Blu Ray uncensored. Oh boy what is coming up, all I will say some questions will get answered this time…which ones I really can’t say.


The Legoshi figure that soon will be released looks amazing. I got this image from RightStuffanime it’s $135 maybe something to get when we survive these current times. Meanwhile I will be buying the manga