Americans Are Excessively Eating, Drinking, Smoking Pot, Playing Video Games And Watching Porn While Quarantined

This almost seems like a joke, but this article is from Forbes of all people. That millions of Americans who are desperately trying to cope with their new challenging reality. We are stuck at home and we are so bored that we are losing our minds.

Take yours truly playing more video game, watching streaming videos and whatever I need to do to relax.

I recent saw a video that claimed the only way to feel better is socializing while social distancing yourself and others. Frankly that doesn’t make any sense.

The article goes on to say:

Ten million people have filed for unemployment over the last couple of weeks of March. It’s predicted by the Federal Reserve Bank that nearly 50 million people will lose their jobs by the summertime. People are frantically worrying that they will be unable to make their rent or mortgage payments. Some fear that they may lose their jobs. Parents are stressing over how to work at home, while educating and keeping their children busy now that the schools are closed.


It looks like Americans are collectively channeling their inner-slacker attitude. People are consuming more alcohol, smoking weed, playing video games, eating a lot of junk food, binge-watching Netflix and adult films more than ever before.

I can tell you one neighborhood liquor store is reporting their sales are 4 to 5 times above normal.

I know some have said that there will be quarantine babies in 9 months. I would say we will be lucky by the time this is over the divorce rate doesn’t jump to a record high. In the past month and I am talking about my own neighborhood assaults with a deadly weapon has increased by 60%. But guess what the one armed with a knife was someone they know, and most likely has sex. Meanwhile sex toy sales are at a record high

Illinois marijuana dispensaries, which have remained open, sold almost $36 million worth of legal weed in March

Pornhub, is visited by roughly 120 million viewers every day.

Everyone I know has gained weight, including myself.

We are going to be a mess when this is all over and that is my personal opinion.