Golden Tail Awards Update

Because of my CORVID-19 Updates I will admit I almost forgot about Mexico’s Golden Tail Awards and it’s time for an update.

All posts were translated via Google

It’s the last week of category reveal! – Being furry is not just having fun, being furry is being an example for others and doing things from the heart, we want to reward those furros that seek to make the world a better place, with the “Good boy” award

March 14th:

We present the latest categories! – Show us how you capture your Furry ideas and concepts with “Illustration of the year” – Show us your hottest ideas made with “NSFW Illustration of the Year”

March 30th: Saw a list of rules to enter their Comic Award both traditional and digital

April 1: Rules for Character Design entry

April 3rd: Few have the opportunity to free their fursona and show their charms to the world. Share yours in the “Fursuiter of the Year” category and show your true ‘I’ to the fandom!

April 6th: Do you write exciting furry stories but no one reads them? Golden Tail Awards has two perfect categories for you! Know the requirements and make your letters reach everyone

April 10th to 24th: Saw rules for Video, Animation, Music, Fursuit Maker, Artist, and finally

We know how frustrating it is to write stories that do not reach readers, and with the category “Revelation Writer” we will help you boost the stories you have to tell the whole fandom. Dont miss the chance!

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