Beastars, BNA & GLEIPNIR Are Stirring a Furry Awakening in Anime recently posted in my opinion is a great article on how furry culture and anime are working hand in hand to produce product that furries are excited for.

Furries have a lot to be excited by this year. Following the arrival of the profoundly unsettling Cats, anime has picked up the slack for quality furry content. Beastars, BNA: Brand New Animal and now GLEIPNIR have provided furry animated content for fans who just want to see humanoid animals interact in sometimes erotic fashions. GLEIPNIR in particular is notable because it provides a cartoonish fur-suit not unlike the ones worn at furry conventions and turns the act of entering into it an erotic experience.

They do mention the past with The Amazing 3 (which can be found on YouTube) for an early 1960s anime it’s not that bad. I have watched what is available there, rated it as above average for that period. I know this is not the same level as more popular shows today such as Bleach, or many others. But were talking about the 1960s when anime first started to arrive on the US, and of how Disney once sued an artist for copying the Disney style of art.

But this new trend is something I am very excited to see. I have watched Beastars and checked out the other series mentioned and WOW!!! Great action and stories combined with furry images. To this furry I hope this trend continues.

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