Melmagazine has what I think is an interesting take on this whole statue issue. Why not replace it with something more interesting? I fully support them wanting to replace what has become a symbol of hate with something more that will bring a smile MOTHMAN.

You can read the whole article HERE but really no matter what side of this issue you are on, it is getting very decisive. Especially when they say those statues are history, the fact is most of them were put in place in the 1930s. So they are roughly 80 years old, placed there during a time when we didn’t care so much about the other person’s feelings.

To me anyway a statue isn’t just a statue, it should be something that represents something that means something to those who live around it. What I think are crazy when towns with popular support get rid of what some call a symbol of hate. That people from the other side of the country almost riot over its removal. That is just plain silly…you don’t live there.

I will admit finally finding out the truth about a historic figure can be shocking. Like Columbus, he isn’t really Italian, he’s Spanish or why is his tomb in Spain with the rest of his family? That is just one tiny thing people just don’t know or tend to ignore. I won’t get into the more graphic things he did, but I’ll leave that to you.