Can Being a Furry Protect You from Coronavirus?

The Stranger answered that question.

To quote the article:

“Fursuit heads are multilayer, and constructed in a whole host of different materials and styles,” says Doc Wolverine, a medical doctor who often answers questions about health on Twitter. He points out that heads can minimize droplet spray from an infected person. Just like the cloth masks you (hopefully) see everyone wearing when you go to the grocery store, “Anything without an airtight seal and sufficiently small filter is more about protecting others from what you have than protecting you from others.”

They even had a warning about Indoor gathering:

Indoor meetups are particularly hazardous due to air circulation, which rules out normal furry conventions (as in the photo above, from a few years back). Coronavirus has been a major disruption for 2020’s many cons — Anthrocon, which draws nearly ten thousand furries to Philadelphia, was one of dozens of cons cancelled this year. In response, the community has rallied around online events, like CouchConFurality, and KeepCalmCon, among others.

The article is a good reminder that even though it looks as if things are getting back to normal we have quite a long way to go. Every fur really needs to read this article.