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The Fandom Review

First of all I got to make it clear that I love The Fandom. Given the very unique and varied history of the furry fandom. The Fandom totally succeeds in presenting both the good and the bad. Taking us back to where it all began, and bringing us up to date. I know the major complaints I have seen by others on social media is that they missed a lot. I admit I would have loved to see mention of Midwest Furfest, and it’s history which began 21 years ago out of a local sci-fi convention. But I totally understand why it wasn’t, because you could really dive head first into many subjects – it’s hard just to name even a few for this article.

Then there are the furry fanzines. To this date no one knows how many different ones were distributed or let alone the number of issues printed. I also wanted to add that association mention wasn’t behind quite a few. Many of them were ways artists were trying to make some money, you could really call them independents.

I could think of more than 20 things they could have covered, and that is really the problem… but how do you balance coverage in a roughly 90-minute documentary? If you think about it, there is no easy answer.

The Fandom could very easily be a series of documentaries. But that is up to Ash Coyote and the production team. In the meantime we have “Furries in The Media” by Aberguine, and The Furry History pieces by Scar The Fur, both can be easily found on YouTube, as well as many others. I can also recommend a book “Furry Nation” by Joe Strike, which explores furry history from a different angle.

Frankly there is a lot to cover and I hope what really comes out of The Fandom is our history. Which frankly is not always a pleasant one, but is totally unique.

As for me I am watching The Fandom once again.

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