BNA: Brand New Animal Season 1 Review Warning Spoilers!!!

We start the series with Michira (a female high school student) running away to Anima-City. Because a short time ago she suddenly became a Beastman, a Tanooki. This is when we find out what are Beastmen. Which in this series for the most part they can transform from human to semi-full and furry characters and back again at will.

We also learn that Anima-City isn’t all that great, when Michira runs into Marie Itami and company who not only saves her life from humans that want to kill her (because she is a beastman) but in turn this same group takes her for every penny she has, on top of that her purse gets stolen. So at the very start we see that Anima-City is filled with thieves who steal anything, and their own kind of selling each other into slavery to the humans as test subjects.

But the high point of this series is Shirou, a silver wolf who is immortal, and regurally helps out both law enforcement and those too scared to call for help.

As Michira looks for a cure we get to see all sides of Anima-City, because she teams up to Shirou. It seems she also has other beast powers she can call up at will…but it takes her a while to figure that out.

It would literally take me reviewing every single episode. About what I liked and didn’t. But each episode is good, I agree with most that the baseball episode is one of the best. But I think the reason why we get to see so many characters as well as Anime-City seemly underside is to make us curious enough to stick around. Which believe me I’m glad I did.

Although in these 12 episodes we get to know about these characters and the world they live in we get to see an underlying story arch of the entire season. Involving Alan Sylvasta and the Sylvasta Corp, I promise you won’t trust big pharma more than seeing what they are up to, let alone Alan Sylvasta HUGE secret.

The overall story of the 1st season of BNA: Brand New Animal is that it is slowly revealed that the Beastmen have a problem it seems when they loose focus they turn into giant beasts out to destory everything.

The big question is will they by episode 12?

I am trying to be careful not to post full on spoilers…but when things come to a head in episode 12. Will your favorites die? Will beastmen live on? I don’t want to spoil it, but it was incredible. Believe me when I say it was worth the wait, you will get an ending that will completely statify you.

Although I will admit it takes a while to get into the series. It is well worth watching again and again. I am looking forward to a second season if we get one.

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