All Fur Media Launches Furry Streaming Service

All Fur Media Twitter Announcement

#furryfandom #furries i want to let everyone know this exciting point coming up in our history. If you didn’t know AllFurRafio was the first furry online radio station you can see our slogan for furriez by ferries in all that followed us after we shutdown in 2011.

Well i am proud to announce AllFurMedia is launching the world's first furry streaming service. It will have content created by furries for furries. We will lead the furry fandom into the future as we did with radio. tonight at 11pm our streaming service will

be available on Roku devices. You can go to your Roku device's and install the AllFurMedia stream. Right now i have loaded con videos from furrydelphia 2018. But we will be adding more content. We will be launching for amazon fire. In the following weeks. And we are

quickly working on Android and iso apps for this service. I want to give a shout out to our App Developer team that are working on these. So everyone i want to let you all AFR listeners to be the first to know where we have progressed our content is growing and we have

several ideas that will start airing down the pipe as we move. And of course a big thanks to Staff who have worked hard with AFR to bring us to this point. And finally i want to thank you all our listeners that has supported us as we moved forward to the future.

Originally tweeted by All Fur Radio. (@allfurradio) on 07/21/2020.