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Ash Coyote Talks about 2nd Season of The Fandom

Hey everyone. I have received a lot of questions about season 2 of the fandom so I wanted to answer a couple of them rn. We will be doing a kickstarter for it to help cover the cost of editing, scoring and some new production. Some of our content is already shot BUT

I want to cover a few topics more in depth than what we had initially acquired. This means that we will need to sort out a budget to cover some travel for shoots. As of right now we are looking at going into the edit in November of this year and release late Q1 2021.

Before any of this happens I will be doing a layout of what topics we will cover. POC and Indigenous furs are slotted rn as two separate episodes. Other topics we have shopped around include: Artists/writers/musicians, international furs, fursuit maker start to finish, ect

If there is a topic that YOU would like to see please drop a comment and I will look into it. I will need YOUR help though to make this all happen. This last round was pretty rough on us financially.

Originally tweeted by Ash Coyote (@AshCoyote) on 08/01/2020.

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Radio Rabbit Hole Interview with Boozy Badger

Boozy Badger is a regular at many fur cons, often apart of many panels and shows as well as being a lawyer.