What’s a fursuit, and what does it have to do with a murrsuit?

The Daily Dot recently posted I thought was a rather good article explaining the difference between a murrsuit vs. a fursuit. Yes, I know this could have gone the other way but I am happy they didn’t go in that direction. I really like how they quoted Wikifur and Artists Beware for their information.

According to WikiFur, Fursuits are “animal-based costumes associated with the furry fandom.” Furries who enjoy wearing fursuits commonly create or commission suits of their own fursonas with the intention of taking them to conventions, furry events, geek conventions, or doing photo shoots and modeling, if not all three. Most fursuiters enjoy creating or commissioning fursuits of their own fursonas, although this isn’t always the case.

The most commonly recognized fursuit is the “fullsuit,” or a fursuit that covers its participant’s entire body from head to toe, artist community resource Artists Beware writes. Traditional fullsuits vary in terms of padding and artistic style, from cartoonish anthropormorphic characters to realistic fur and attributes.

But as of the Murrsuit they actually quoted furscience

There’s no census for the furry fandom, so it’s impossible to know for sure how many furries wear fursuits. FurScience ran a survey at Anthrocon 2018 on furry paraphernalia ownership and found “45.8% of furries owned a partial or full fursuit.” This contrasts sharply with a 2011 online poll that found only 25% of furries partially owned a fursuit, and less than 15% had a full one (although nearly half planned to own a partial or full fursuit).

It is a good article and well worth reading even if you know the subject all too well.


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