Wild North UK Goes Virtual

Wild North is a UK based fur con every September they hold there gathering in Northumberland, England UK because of this pandemic they are hold a Virtual Con starting tomorrow.

Please check Official site LINK for Livestream link

Byrna’s Books Update

Thank you all for helping us decide whether or not to do an audiobook of Kaiser WrenchThere was an overwhelming yes to our question about turning the Kaiser Wrench series into audio books. Now we just have to find someone who sounds like a tiger.
We’re working on the idea of combining several stories using they’re back cover ad to audibly separate the readings similar to an old radio show. Time will tell and hopefully we’ll be able to get the ball rolling come the new year.
We would love to have your help
The stories for Kaiser Wrench are all completed and Sara “Caribou” Miles is creating some beautiful cover art for the books.
For those of you who have taken a look at the physical books you may have noticed something a little unusual about the back covers. There’s no story blurb.

Reid and I decided to turn back the clock and put the story blurb inside the book on the first page. On the back cover is a 1950’s style ad you might find in an anthropomorphic world such as pickled cocktail worms instead of olives.
The thing is, we’re running out of ideas and need your help
You see, not only do we plan on having Kaiser Wrench’s 13 book set, parodying Mikey Spillane’s Mike Hammer series, but Raymond Chandlers 7 books of Phillip Marlow as Lucius Anoraq the Siberian Husky. And I can’t leave out Dashiell Hammett’s 5 novels, calling them The Lizard’s Fifth because there are four different Detectives.

So we need more ideas for back cover anthropomorphic ads and we’re asking everyone to join in the fun. If your ad is chosen for the back cover we will give you credit in the book. Just click on the green button below.
Back Cover Book AD Idea
For those who’ve not seen Poached Parodies
We’ve released more Poached Parodies on Amazon KDP, the new series of Kaiser Wrench by P.C.Hatter. I picked the pen name because these parodies because there rather different from my normal writing. While some could argue it’s still sci-fi\fantasy Kaiser Wrench is more anthropomorphic detective noir.

What’s available so far is:I, The Tribunal
My Claws are Quick
Retribution is Mine!
A Solitary Evening
The Great Slay
Pet me Fatal

September release The Female Trackers

The books will be released once a month (except Dec.)
 Upcoming Books are:
The Worm
The Contorted Figure
The Figure Fans
Existence… Eliminated
The Carnage Male
Dark Lane

The Lizard’s Fifth
The Scarlet Crop
The Lamarre Curse
The Persian Penguin
The Crystal Screw
The Lean Male

Lucius Anoraq
The Long Slumber
(The other six books have yet to be titled)

to be announced
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