Fantastic Furry Friends Find Funds for Food Bank

I am delighted when a charity has something so nice to say about a fur con. What Ocean Shores Food Bank said is simply wonderful. They posted an entire article on Furvana and what their donation means.

To quote the article:

It all came together with last year’s convention, a fundraising event with just under 500 attendees, September 27-29, at the Ocean Shores Convention Center.

Alexander contends that the events that have the most success are the ones that become a part of the community. Furvana volunteers sought to build support within the community by engineering discount hotel accommodations, as well as discounts with various restaurants and retail outlets in Ocean Shores, for convention attendees.

You can read the full article HERE

WPAFW Goes Online Next Weekend

The Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend goes online Oct 10th and 11th.