Breaking News: FA United Closing It’s Doors

2020 takes another victim, my biggest fear that a lot more smaller cons will be gone before this is over. Many just raise enough money to hold another con, but the longer this goes…

Together by MemberofTheOrder and WickedAmaya

Together, under the falling snow….

A wonderful (and magical!) piece made for our good buddies MemberOfTheOrder and WickedAmaya! Had a fun time working on this one! (sure put me in the holiday mood! 😉 ) ❄️🌠✨

Thank you thank you so much!

Originally tweeted by Bullguynow (@84elcamino) on 12/02/2020.

Alone by Rukis

Since it's officially winter, here's 'Alone', one of my Acrylic paintings from a few years back, featuring Puquanah from 'Off the Beaten Path'

Originally tweeted by Rukis (@rukiscroax) on 12/02/2020.