Turning Red and Other Disney News

Disney on Friday has literally dropped a bombshell on us furries. First we got news of the long rumored Zootopia series will be a reality and will be on Disney Plus.

The other is this

I can see a story about a girl who can transform into a giant red panda getting the furry community very excited.

A Buzz Lightyear film other than that animated one from the 2000s

Then we got news of 2 other projects that I am uncertain about


Pinocchio has been done a couple of times since the original Disney Release often with mixed results. I think the weirdest and I will admit one of my favs is

Pinocchio in Outer Space

It was made in 1965 but still.

With this new Disney Plus version of the classic tale only time will tell if it’s good or another Mulan.

Beastars Shares Season 2 Premiere Stills, International Release Date

from Comicbook.com

The world of the anthropomorphic characters of Beastars is set to return early next year on Netflix, continuing the mystery of who is picking off students of Legosi and Haru’s high school from the anime created by Paru Itagaki, and a handful of new images have been released to hype the return of the popular anime along with a set international release date! With the conclusion of the first season, Legosi and Haru revealed their feelings for one another, and an underground “predator ring” was put to bed, but the mystery of the serial killer still lingers!

So what is the date they are saying Jan 6, 2021 the same day it premieres in Japan

I am just as anxious as everyone, I love the series and have watched it so far 3 times on Netflix here in the US. I love Legoshi, and would not mind him as a roommate. They also say it’s closely following the manga. In fact their are too many videos that cover what lays ahead. But I don’t think this is a spoiler, we have not seen the one who de-vowed Tem just yet. I for one would love to see Legoshi and Haru be more boyfriend/ girlfriend than they were. I love the pair of them.