Naked man with giant Panda head seen roller skating on Ohio highway

and that is a selfie stick.

You could easily make a ton of bad jokes here, in my mind there are just too many to post. So please come up with your own.

This is one of those things you just can’t make up.

As far as anyone knows this guy has not been arrested, we don’t even know who this man is. If he is smart he better keep it that way, who wants Law Enforcement to get involved.

Anyway the cops are saying it was a Public Safety issue. In a way it was, if he fell I am sure he would be killed. Run over by a car and the like. But please if you know this guy, tell him to keep his mouth shut until the Statue of Limitations runs out, and he can’t be charged.

Gingerbread Monolith

When I was first told about this I thought it was a joke until I found this article

In short this 7 foot tall Monolith of Gingerbread suddenly appeared on a hilltop above San Francisco. In tradition of other monoliths suddenly appearing in other part of the world. Except those were made from metal and this one is gingerbread. It was too tempting for one who took a bite out of it on Saturday and like any cookie it crumbled.