National Police Assn Attacks Furries, calling them Hate Group

I uploaded a screenshot because after this I know I am going to get blocked by them.

The NPA or National Police Assn are blatantly attacking furries, calling us both anti police and haters.

To quote the article from their own site HERE

The defund the police crowd is quick to argue, in polite company, that they don’t really mean defund the police. The furries expose the falsity of that deceptive claim. Cloaked by the anonymity of their costumed Twitter identities, the furries are free to speak plainly about their beliefs. While we have started restricting the ability to comment on our tweets to only those accounts we follow to protect the public from the obscene replies, quote tweets cannot be blocked. As such our posts are inundated with quote tweets calling for the killing of law enforcement officers, not just abolishing law enforcement agencies.

The costumed cop haters, free to speak openly, don’t just mean defund. They mean death.

The NPA claims Law Enforcement backing. Frankly their own site backs away from that claim, as I can find no mention.

But they are not above attacking cities

Like this posting from the city of Belle Isle, FL

Belle Isle residents have reported receiving a letter from the National Police Association stating that Belle Isle is a Sanctuary Area. The letter asks residents to complete a “National Sanctuary Area Crime Impact Survey” and asks for a donation.***While the City of Belle Isle is not a sanctuary city and has always complied with all ICE detainers and U.S. Department of Homeland Security regulations, at the time the letters were sent, Belle Isle has determined that Orange County was identified by U.S.Department of Homeland Security as a “sanctuary area.”***The Belle Isle Police Department has confirmed that the National Police Association is an official organization. However, the Belle Isle Police Department is not affiliated with the National Police Association and has not received any money from the National Police Association.

Interesting enough the same article on NPA says these are false claims, but yet why would a city attack a supposed group that supports law enforcement. Frankly that does not make any sense.

In fact the entire article on their site is laughable over the false claims they make. It looks more like a trump speech than anything else to me.

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