Further Confusion Releases Public Statement after Recent Events

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January 2021

The appalling events that took place on January 6th, 2021 in Washington D.C. were an affront to our nation’s democratic process and an abhorrent display of domestic terrorism.

AAE and Further Confusion strongly condemn these acts, and will not tolerate any behavior which would incite hatred, bigotry, or threaten the safety of our attendees, or indeed the public. We do not welcome individuals into our events who advocate or sympathize with such acts, including white supremacy, acts of violence, or fascism.

Further Confusion’s primary goal is, and has always been to create a safe and welcoming environment for our attendees; racist, supremacist, sexist, and other hate-related rhetoric of any kind is antithetical to this aim. We believe our current Code of Conduct already makes our goal clear. However, as always we will continue to examine additions, revisions, or clarification as needed to best protect our attendees, especially those from marginalized communities.

Here are some specific excerpts from our current Code of Conduct relevant to these issues:

(Costumes, Clothing, Behavior, and Safety): “…Hate speech, and attire and imagery commonly used in conjunction with hate speech, are not welcome at Further Confusion.”

(Membership and Attendance): “Though we work to ensure that all interested individuals may join us, FurCon reserves the right to deny or revoke memberships for any reason including but not limited to safety concerns and Code of Conduct violations…”

“…Memberships or attendance revoked or terminated as a result of Code of Conduct violations, illegal activities, ineligibility, or breach of contract with AAE / FurCon are not eligible for refund, except at the board’s discretion. AAE / FurCon may, but have no obligation to, investigate the background of any member or attendee, or follow-up on any credible reports of behavior that may impact their eligibility to attend.”

If you have any specific questions, other safety concerns, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email chairman@furcon.org