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Kipo and The Age of The Wonderbeasts Review

I was looking for something to watch on Netflix when I came upon Kipo. What I found was such an unusual series,wthat I can say every episode shows you something new.

Set in a time after civilization has fallen, where Mutes (short for mutants) control the surface. Humans for the most part live below ground, because not all mutes are friendly. Neither are some humans. But more on that later…

Mutes are anthro you name it, my favs include The Timbercats (as shown above), The Rats and The Raccoons

Although they don’t give exact dates or even a timeline. I found Kipo was an absolute delight to watch. Fantastic characters, which includes a talking giant bug and a 4 eyed blue pig. A great script, and equally great voice acting.

The plot for the first 2 seasons is that we meet the regulars, and we discover that a talking mandrill named Scarlemagne wants to control the humans. You see his pheromones can control the minds of humans. But that isn’t all, he want to takeover the entire area they all share. His minions (also talking primates) ride 2 headed flying flamingos.

Have I got you hooked?

The seasons just fly by I didn’t realize I was already into the 3 season until the other day. Until I got to the episode where they must battle Scarlemagne, how that actually turned out kinda blew my mind as who was actually Kipo’s missing mother, I leave you this one spoiler she isn’t human at this point in the series.

If you have Netflix as any good furry should for at least Beastars and BNA, give Kipo a try you may just wind up loving it like me.