FA Has New Owners

The announcement yesterday on FA’s Own Blog took everyone by surprise.

It’s 2021 and change is in the air!

We’re happy to announce that Fur Affinity is independent once again! Effective today, the site is under sole ownership of Dragoneer (operated under Frost Dragon Art, LLC). We’re looking forward to a productive year of new features, bug fixes, and continued site improvements.

Here’s a sneak peek of things currently in development:

* Improvements to FA+ to make supporting the site more rewarding and giving more value
* Higher resolution and larger file support
* Trending sections for popular submissions and work by up-and-coming creators
* Account renaming
* Additional UI improvements and tweaks
* Submissions filters for Browse and Search
* Video upload and support
* Improved block and privacy settings
* Improvements to writing and poetry

Fur Affinity +

FA is independent once again, and we need your help! Want to support the site? Considering signing up to FA+. For $5 a month, you can help support development and fund our coding team to deliver new features and improvements!

Support FA by signing up at https://www.furaffinity.net/plus/

New Logo Get

In addition to the sale, we’re proud to unleash our new logo! Designed by Sciggles Sciggles, the new logo represents the creativity of the community and tosses a throwback to FA’s original trademark icon, the classic paint can.

Banner Update

In addition, we’ve updated the site banner to a fantastic piece done by korichi korichi! Go give him a shout!

Code of Conduct Update

We are taking additional steps to combat misinformation by adding a new Code of Conduct policy. This new policy goes into effect in two weeks time (Feb 15, 2021).

COC 2.8 – Do not promote ideologies harmful to public safety.
Examples include: Covid misinformation, anti-vaccination, QAnon.

Flash Update

Adobe has discontinued use of the Flash player. To preserve 15 years worth of content, Fur Affinity is implementing a Flash emulator called Ruffle.


Ruffle is still in development, and admittedly has mixed results on emulation. Some Flash will simply not work at this time. However, Ruffle’s developers post new builds almost nightly which constantly improves playback and compatibility. We will be keeping Ruffle updated to improve the emulated Flash experience on Fur Affinity.

1) Keep posts civil, constructive and polite.
2) Keep discussion on topic to the post at hand.
3) Treat your fellow posters with respect.

Frankly with all these changes will the site go down less? Only time will tell.

But I will give them a tentative thumbs up for trying to fix the coding issue FA has had for years.

Furnexion Postponed to Dec 2021

Furnexion is based in Mexico and even there they are effected by this virus as everyone else. We can only hope with the vaccine rollout things get better.

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