Don’t Hug Cacti Controversy

The reason behind me posting the video is because there is a lawsuit which I don’t want to be apart of.

I want to make this very clear this is just my opinion, I am making no claims against anyone.

It’s the Furry Fandom for Goodness Sake, where good will is key to any successful business. Literally ask anyone, we all know the names of those who screw up royally. It’s the main reason we have to be careful as well as understand. If there is an issue, you solve it.

As for DHC they are making a HUGE mistake with that lawsuit. They are could loose more than good will. They could loose customers, even more so if this case gets to court. They need to settle this matter privately, if DHC is going to survive. Oh sure I agree the issues are real and I do support victims rights. But all I see is a case that is typical of those you see on any court show from Judge Mathis, People’s Court to Judge Judy. Meaning everyone is so determined that they are right, that they don’t see the bigger picture. That no matter the judgement everyone is going to loose.

Yes I know it’s hard to guess what people will do especially after Jan 6th. But if you been around for a while you see trends. For example when word got out that this one artist (Name withheld) was copying other artists work directly and charging full commission prices they slowly vanished from the furry scene. Getting themselves banned from multiple fur cons didn’t help either.

That’s also another issue, cons can be over protective. I know a couple of cases where Dealers and or Artists were refused con space because of legal issues. Like me, no con wants to be sued. It’s hard to know especially now once they finally get going again. The con staff is on social media and they tend not to mention their affiliation with any one event. I once knew a member of MFF’s staff but never knew they were apart of it until they died.

Although I really can’t say what will happen, this has been more an exercise in “What If?” But still this will leave people thinking, and no one except themselves would know what they might do.