Lucky Coyote release statement responding to allegations on misconduct


In sight of the recent allegations claiming Lucky, fursuit maker Don’t Hug Cacti’s co-owner engaged in misconduct, just recently said owner has released a YouTube video addressing the allegations.

In it, saying the claims are based on no evidence and rebuts claims from a “competing fursuit builder” known as “Anonymous Wolf” on a 90 plus page-long document released by Twitter user Qutens.

You can find the statement here

In a tweet, Lucky panned the allegations, calling it a cancel mob – and says they are done by people with selfish intent. Upon release, the video and tweet was widely met with negativity on social media, with users calling it an act to “protect (her) ego.”

GFTV is now currently monitoring the situation.

Check the hashtag for updates on #donthugcacticontroversy