Aurawra (Australia) Announcement

Things have been quiet on the convention front, but we would like to give you a small update regarding our situation for 2021. As you all know, COVID has lasted far longer than any of us could have anticipated and the battle is far from over. Our team is currently working on strategies to ensure that we run our event in the safest possible manner for all staff and attendees involved.

As it stands we have been in contact with our hotel regarding the nature of ongoing restrictions and changes to policy regarding large events. If all goes well, Aurawra will be re-opening registration on Saturday 20th of March. The number of registrations will be limited by the current COVID restrictions imposed by the NSW Government and we are currently negotiating that number with the hotel. For those who have held on to your registrations from 2020, your place is already secured, while the official maximum number of registrations will be advertised when we re-open.

For Dealers, Panel Submissions and Volunteers, we will be contacting you shortly to confirm whether you still wish to hold your place for this year’s convention. Please keep an eye open for an email in the coming weeks.

We would also like to thank all of those who have stayed with us. Your continued support gives us hope that soon, we will be able to deliver a fantastic event for the Australian fandom. Until then, as always, stay safe and look out for one another.

The Aurawra Team

It’s a tentative “we can run” announcement, pending NSW Government restrictions + Hotel negotiation