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Brasil FurFest Plans for 2021

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Dia 23 de março de 2021

Furry friends,

The Brasil FurFest staff keeps a close eye on the entire evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and its developments, in addition to being in contact with the Mercure Hotel and with the other co-brothers furry events in Brazil and abroad.

We would like to clarify that given the situation of the pandemic in the state of São Paulo, BFF began to study the possibility of a possible postponement with Mercure and also consulting with other parties involved.

Therefore, the BFF Live that would take place on March 28 will be postponed to April 4 , so that we can have everything in hand for the decision on the eventual postponement of BFF 2021.Prazo para envio de desenhos e fotos passa para 1 de abril.

We are aware of all the temporary restrictive measures taken by the city of Santos and the state of São Paulo to combat the spread of the disease.

Brasil FurFest at the Mercure Hotel can only occur if the Baixada Santista region is enabled in the blue phase of the São Paulo Plan. We are currently in the red – emergency phase and the city of Santos is in lockdown until the beginning of April.
There is no expectation that the Baixada Santista will reach the blue phase by July.

If the postponement of BFF 2021 is confirmed, we will hold BFF Online on the original dates of BFF 2021, between 16 and 18 July, moving the event at the hotel to a date in 2022, to be informed at the next BFF Live.

Due to the moment of uncertainty, calls for drawings for BFF graphic material and decoration and for Furry Bazaar are suspended for the time being.

All Brasil FurFest decisions will be made in accordance with the recommendations of doctors, the guidelines of the Government of the State of São Paulo, Ministry of Health and observing local laws and regulations on the subject.

We remind you that all communications from BFF will be made only on our page https://www.brasilfurfest.com.br, on our Telegram ad channel (https://t.me/bffnoticias), on our social media and on BFF Lives monthly on YouTube.

The moment continues to contain the virus and we recommend that all furries follow the recommendations of doctors and health authorities. We will all take the necessary precautions, in addition to seeking updates and other information about the disease through the press and official media of local health agencies.

If possible, stay at home, wear a mask and take care of yourself.

Brasil FurFest Staff
• BFF Live postponed to April 4 (sending drawings and photos until April 1)
• BFF’s date must change.
• Information on any postponement will be announced at the next BFF Live.
• If BFF is postponed to 2022, BFF Online will be held between 16 and 18 July 2021.
• Follow the @bffnoticias channel for new announcements.