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April 1, 2022 Perrizoa is heading to space!

Fury Convention in Space


Thank you for your interest

UPDATE: It’s a South Korean Fur Con

ZodiaCon [Czech Republic] Cancels 2021 con

We regret to announce that we have been forced to cancel ZodiaCon 2021. The reasons are obvious – the global coronavirus pandemic and the associated restrictions on events and travel.

This year’s ZodiaCon was scheduled for the end of May, ie in two months. If it were to take place, we would have to start organizing the event and launch registration and payments at the latest. We do not consider it reasonable and responsible to do so (and subsequently cancel everything and return payments), because the chances of the event being held are practically zero.

We monitor the situation and plan to organize an event (even outside the regular ZC / TFM cycle) as soon as possible.