I Got My 1st COVID Shot

I have been literally trying for over a month and a half checking out vaccine sites, when I got this call from my doctor’s office telling me there was an open appointment at this one massive vaccination center at Northestern Illinois Univ. I snatched it up. It was yesterday and it took a bit of scrambling to arrange things so I could go and I did.

So what happened? I was met by someone who checked on my appointment, then I was handed a form to fill out. It was a release so I could get vaccinated. So I shown a seat, where I sat and filled out the form. After a bit of confusion about what to do next. I handed back the clipboard and told to wait until I was called. Next was someone at the desk, they sat I talked and they told me not to fear the injection that side effects really depended on the person.

I know someone who slept 15 hours after getting the same vaccine. And another who actually vomited, and a 3rd who really didn’t feel anything to after their 2nd.

I was then sent to another table where I was injected, and handed the card shown above, along with the usual you get after getting a vaccine. Warnings, an app I could join that would monitor what happens to me.

This was where I asked, did I have to pay for this? I know I am not the only one who brought their Insurance Card. Turns out the Feds are paying to this.

I know with the talk I see on Twitter about what happens next. To tell you the truth, not much they made me wait for 15 minutes. Standard when you get some vaccinations, to see if you have any side effects. I had none expect for a slightly sore arm.

Then later after I got home, I had lunch and took a nap. Basically I rested the rest of the day. I didn’t want to over do it, just in case.

Here it is the next day and I feel fine. I would go back to work but my boss wants me to wait to tomorrow. Arm is a bit sore, but I am okay. I am happy a friend told me not to get it in your dominate arm. It makes things easier.

I am looking forward to get my 2nd dose in May, this is when I finally can get a haircut (strange enough doctor’s orders). Also start volunteering at the VA once again. It will be good to feel needed, I missed that this past year.

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