Fur Con News: Wild Times Waitlist, Campfire Tales Goes Virtual

Wild Times (Germany) from their Telegram

Join the Wild Times Notification (Waiting) List

First of all: Thank you so much for the enormous interest in the Wild Times convention! We didn’t expect slots to fill up as fast as they did! You guys are amazing.

Buuuuut rapidly filled slots also mean that some fluffs sadly didn’t make it in time. Therefore we now created a Notification List.

You can join this list to get notified when someone gives up and/or sells his slot!

Please note that the Notification List will not be handled in any particular order. When a slot becomes available we will message people on the list to see if they want it. The first one to respond pretty much gets it.

Please message @Kerubia to join the notification list.

Campfire Tails (Oregon USA)

Campfire Tails 2021 Announcement



Hello Campers! Thank you for all the support from so many people this past year. Even if not together, we are still thriving. With that said, to continue thriving we have to be safe and keep our community safe.

We will not be having Campfire Tails in 2021 in person.

Planning is already underway for a 2022 date with ample time for everyone to prepare.

What to do till then? Campfire Tails: Online returns August 6th-8th 2021. More details and Happenings sign up to be announced next month.

Fundraising events this year! Please look out for more details to come for events in which you can help make 2022 better than ever.

Thank you for the continuous support, love and dedication to this community. Be safe Campers.

Till we meet again,

Chair of Campfire Tails