Furry Times Podcast

I decided to do a podcast to talk about things that are either too long for this site or really couldn’t get in to any detail. My first official one is “How to Survive a Pandemic”. I know things are getting better, but I do have some good advice, and plan on doing more when I have the time.

They are available on YouTube, Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, and Spotify.

Cozy Con Virtual Con Starts Friday

All Links are on their official site

Friday, May 146:00pm Summer Vacation Intro (Twitch)

6:30pm Art Gallery Walk Through (Twitch)

7:00pm Vendors Play Gartic Phone (Twitch

)8:00pm NSFW Art Photoshop File Walkthrough (Discord/NSFW)

9:00pm DJ: STAR GONE WRONG: Road Trip (Twitch)

Saturday, May 1512:00pm Cosplay and Fursuit Meetup (Discord)

1:00pm Project Highrise: Building a CozyCon Hotel (Twitch)

1:30pm PastelAplha’s PWYW Art Stream (Discord)

5:30pm A Wolf’s Tails (Discord)

6:00pm Jackbox Games with Lux (Discord)

7:00pm DJ: Aurora (Twitch)

8:00pm Waffle Doughtnut Party (VRChat)

8:00pm DJ: STAR GONE WRONG: Road Trip (Twitch

)9:00pm DJ: Steven Esso (Twitch)

Sunday, May 1612:00pm DJ: BlueIntellect (Twitch

)1:00pm Fursuiting in the Time of Quarantine (Twitch)

2:30pm Beginner Flash Animation (Twitch)

4:00pm Artist hangout & Collab in Magma Studio (Discord)

5:00pm Fiction Writing Tips, Q&A (Twitch)

6:00pm Closing Ceremonies (Twitch)

7:00pm Vendors Play Gartic Phone (Twitch)

8:00pm Forest Beats DJ Party with Hexagon Jack (Twitch)

9:00pm DJ: Steven Esso (Twitch)