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Fur Con News: Fur-Eh! Day

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About Fur-Eh! Day

At Fur-Eh!, we believe that our connection to each other is something powerful and something we can celebrate even when we’re far apart.

To that end, we are declaring Saturday August 7th, 2021 “Fur-Eh! Day” and you’re invited to celebrate with us wherever you are!

Around Alberta and beyond, Fur-Eh! TV will feature live check-ins via video conference with gatherings big and small (as permitted by your local health authority) where we hope to see many familiar faces and maybe even some new ones.

To make this happen, we need the help of Guests just like you! If you want to host an event that day whether it be a picnic, a BBQ, gathering around a firepit or something else, Fur-Eh! would love to help by providing a small amount of funds for food or other supplies.

Those of you interested in being an event host, please contact us at and we’ll work with you to see what kind of event you might be able to put on in your city and how large the event may be. Whether it’s a small gathering of just a few furries or a larger event, we encourage you to act as our ambassador and help make Fur-Eh! Day truly something to celebrate!

But, don’t delay… There is a limited amount of dollars that we can contribute to these community events, so contact us as soon as possible to explore ideas!

We look forward to hearing from you!