Why Do Furries Matter?

Love Thy Nerd did a fantastic article on furries that most of us have missed.

Although the full article can be found HERE

It starts out comparing us to Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood fame.

To use language from the furry community, Daniel could be Rogers’ fursona, which is a creative expression of oneself through an animal with human traits in their features or behavior (i.e. anthropomorphism). Through Daniel, Rogers unknowingly exhibited a core aspect of what it means to be a furry.

Although they do go on to talk about the sexual aspect it isn’t the main focus.

It’d be foolish to feign ignorance toward people who involve or wholly construct fursonas around sexual desires. Even still, it’s outrageously false to assume that people only love the furry fandom for its erotic circles, which ignores others who have little to no involvement in them. Then there are others who find valuable potential in the fandom’s openness to seriously address the complexities and challenges of sexuality. But delving into these topics requires a thorough discussion through the lens of Christian sexual ethics that cannot be appropriately engaged here.

They even get into art, video games, and films such as Zootopia.

They also talk about LOVE such as the outpouring for Dogbomb and all the good work they have done.

Topped off by this

“The acceptance of self does not mean to be resigned to the status quo. On the contrary, the more fully we accept ourselves, the more successfully we begin to grow. […] When we accept ourselves for what we are, we decrease our hunger for power or the acceptance of others because our self-intimacy reinforces our inner sense of security. We are no longer preoccupied with being powerful or popular. […] We are less often plagued with the desire to please others because simply being true to ourselves brings lasting peace. We are grateful for life and we deeply appreciate and love ourselves.”

The article is excellent and should be checked out