How furries are making virtual reality actually worth visiting

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In an article they cover the Furry VR Scene

These creatures are my tour guides through virtual reality, all of us simultaneously dispersed across the surface of the planet and also standing alongside each other in VR. The house in which we have met was originally 3D-scanned for real estate tours on Zillow; but then someone grabbed the scans and reconstructed them in virtual reality, allowing us to wander the mess together.

I have seen some of them myself and the amount of detail that goes in to some of these are amazing. The ones I saw were reproductions of hotels used by Anthrocon and MFF and nothing is left out. Even down to the bottles at the bars.

Jaw dropping isn’t it

They even give novices like me tips to get started

VRChat is easy to start using since the base version is free and can be run on a PC without a VR headset. It took me just a minute to download the software, and then I was immediately roaming 3D worlds, bumping into chatty strangers and skipping through unpredictable portals. With just a few clicks, I was in Tuscany; then a dungeon full of glowing pink mushrooms; then on a dance floor surrounded by hamsters; then scaling the 20th Century Fox logo. Developers can create interactive elements with a custom-built programming language called Udon, and its widespread adoption has yielded a seemingly infinite supply of worlds to explore and strangers to encounter.

Anyway the article talks about how online gathering have changed since the days of Furry MUCK

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