TikTok is a Bad Platform with Problems (Venting About My Experience as a Furry Musician on TikTok)

Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

People face difficulties in many parts of the world, but since all seven billion of us live on this one planet we should be united and stand in solidarity with each other. When this blue planet is viewed from space, there are no national boundaries to be seen.

Fur Con News: Wild Times, Aurawra, Furstival

Wild Times (Germany) at this point is unsure about unvaccinated at next in person con

Short Update in Regards to Wild Times and Vaccination

We are currently looking into options to enable attendance for those who are not vaccinated. We will talk to the Health Department early next week and keep you updated as it’s our best bet to make Wild Times happen for everyone. That’s why we didn’t message anyone yet.

We can’t promise anything right now and even after the talks nothing will be 100% as corona restrictions can change pretty much daily.

Important: If you get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you’d still be fully vaccinated by the time Wild Times starts as it only needs 2 weeks to count as fully vaccinated.

Originally posted on their Telegram

Aurawra (Australia) raised over $1000 for WIRESWildlife during their recent online convention

In view of rising local cases, Furstival (China) delays second 2021 autumn event