Tear Along The Dotted Line Review

Tear Along The Dotted Line is a 6 episode animated series made for Netflix Italy, US Netflix had dubbed it into English

Tear Along The Dotted Line is mainly about this man called Zero, this this world are anthropomorphic characters some with 2 heads. Some are visible to others who some are not and are just metaphors.

So why is Tear Along The Dotted Line worth checking out. Because it’s such a unique series, when I first started watching it. I thought it was about this man called Zero and how have others in his life have gone on to make their lives better. He has been doing a comic strip for the last 10 years and during that time his life is exactly the same, not changing. Then we learn of his friend Alice, who does commit suicide at the end of the series. We don’t see the actual act, but what results from it. The literal unanswered questions.

If you stuck around to the end, you care about these characters and especially Zero’s hidden fursona an armadillo.

I know it’s hard to accept that you know one of the characters die by the end and it had to be said. But give the series just 5 minutes.

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