Feb 2022 Fur Cons

As far as I know these cons are taking place

11-13 Scotiacon https://www.scotiacon.org.uk/ Livingston, Scotland, UK

11-14 Fursang Budapest, Hungary
17-20 Anthro New England https://www.anthronewengland.com/ Boston, MA

26 to March 1st Furcamp https://furcamp.com.br/ Sao Paulo, Brazil

Centaurworld – Netflix- Review

As you can see from the image Centaurworld isn’t filled with your standard Centaurs. Near the end of the second season they show some. But what happened to them the series doesn’t say.

Since there are going to be spoilers you have been warned.

The main plot for season 1 that there is a war taking place between the minotaurs vs. the humans and the minotuars are winning. Lead by a creature call simply “Nowhere Man” is a creature of pure evil.

The bulk of the 1st season is a horse from the human world comes to Centaurworld to look for a key to the Rift which separates the 2 dimensions. They actually do say dimensions not other worlds.

Only to come face to face with Nowhere Man in the final episodes of the 1st season.

The first season is fun and a bit creepy as we come across super fans of the group seeking the key. Who saw all of what happen, although I am not quite sure how.

With Nowhere Man escaping the Rift the entire population of Centaurworld has to go to war against this thing or they are just as doomed as the human world

I found the 2nd season frustrating as no one would cooperate until near the end.

Without going in to the final battle, and who is the secret identity of both The General and this Nowhere Man. The final episode of season 2 is quite excellent.

Although the series overall is quite entertaining. I found a few episodes of season 2 unwatchable… I thought them dumb. But that final episode more than made up for it.

Overall I give the series a 6 out of 10, with this to add. I believe it’s something either your going to get into or not. Just check out the very 1st episode and you will know.