Scotiacon Update

Since Scotiacon 2022 ended on Feb 14 they have been slow to release info for their next con as well as numbers for 2022. But here is what I have so far.

Next Year’s theme? Released on April Fools Day it’s a joke

We need to level with some of you. Others were able to spot our ruse and to those of you, well done. However, the theme for the next Scotiacon isn’t Dino Con.

Well, not officially.

Since 2017, our head of Dealers Den has been insistent on the con theme being dinosaurs.

Seriously, this isn’t a game to her.

Slowly but surely, her lone crusade to make Dino Con official has upped the ante year after year.
We are sorry to those who genuinely got excited. However, please do not be upset. We welcome all dino loving attendees and the best part of all this? Dinosaurs would fit in perfectly with our actual theme for the next event!

What is it? Watch this space. We are confident you will like the official theme…

Happy April Fools!

But here is legit info on their donation

We finally have the total amount for the charity, Sunny Harbour Cats this year!

You all helped to raise a whopping…


Furlandia Registration Now Open

If your looking for more levels. I am sorry to say that is it. For an extra $30 you get a tee shirt, at least you can get your badge early. LINK