“Spring Cleaning” at Furry Times

If you follow me on Twitter you will know already for the past month or so I have been going through all my old posts. First sparked by a troll, than later me thinking about ways to improve Furry Times and the way I cover conventions. You see starting in 2023 I will be going to 2 cons a year. MFF of course, as well as other cons starting with Anthrocon, after that where the winds take me, I was even thinking about Indy Fur Con the other day. You see with my Host I have a limited amount of space for photos, around 6GB, videos are no issues but as they say “The Devil in The Details”. I know I could have covered MFF 2021 better, and I know the reason why. So the 1st thing I had to do was look at what I had stored on this site all 2.7GBs of it. Those are real numbers and it was finally time to split from my old site “yiffy times”. I am not E621 or other sites so it was time to clear out old files.

It was also time to double check all the YouTube links, I hate to say about 60% are no long active. Along with a whole host of stuff I would not post currently. I know this would cost me readers, but I want to give my readers the best in depth coverage of events I attend in detail. I also hope to make 2 trips this year. 1 of which I hope you find interesting.

The results so far…

1.6GB deleted and roughly 4000+ files

As expected my numbers have been cut by half but I know the ones have stuck around are my real readers and you care about what I post.

Keep an eye out if you happen to go to MFF this year. I am also giving away pens, besides the stickers.

Thank you for being there.

Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

Giving is recognized as a virtue in every major religion and in every civilized society, and it clearly benefits both the giver and the receiver. The one who receives is relieved from the pangs of want. The one who gives can take comfort from the joy their gift brings to others.

FurCoNZ 2022 Will Take Place

New Zealand announced that since over 95% of the country is now vaccinated that they will ease COVID restrictions. Such as you don’t have to show your vaccine card to enter a store and group limits are being raised from 100 to 200.

With that FurCoNZ announced

Hi everyone!

We’re excited with the announcement yesterday of Orange nationwide, which means that FurcoNZ can proceed as planned in May!
Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting updates to our COVID-19 policies with specifics around mask use and other requirements.
We will also be providing updates on the Wellington shuttles and other activities.
At this stage our vaccination policy remains unchanged.

For those on our waiting list for tickets – expect us to reach out over the next week or so. If you have not yet got overnight tickets, please email info@furconz.org.nz ASAP.
Day Pass tickets will be reopening next week as well, along with merch and activities for all ticket types.

Looking forwards to seeing you all at FurcoNZ!