Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

Warm-heartedness leads to a healthy mind. Peace of mind allows us to sleep soundly. I’m not talking about the benefits of the next life or of finding God, but of being a peaceful person with a calm mind and a warm heart here and now.

Dallas Zoo and Park Officials Team Up to Help Ukrainian Zoos

Dallas Zoo and other zoos around the world are helping to save the animals at Ukraine zoos.

One of them the Dallas Zoo and Recreation Board President Arun Agarwal said.

“Zoos require constant attention, and while staff have remained in Ukraine to help care for the animals, they are struggling to keep themselves and their animals safe and alive,” Agarwal said. “They need our help now.”

Agarwal created a fundraising page on GoFundMe after he spoke to Martin Zordan, CEO of World Association of Zoos and Aquatics, who stressed the need for assistance.

The World Association of Zoos and Aquatics is working with the European Association of Zoos and Aquatics to coordinate the support of the Ukrainian zoos.