Ancestory DNA Test Review

I know we see these DNA tests advertised everywhere, everything from YouTube, Instagram to even streaming. Having some questions about my own family, more on that in a bit. I decided to go with Ancestory, they seem to have the best rep, besides I knew I would have to pay later to access documents to answer more of the questions I had in my own mind.

The Facts about my own family, my father was a real SOB, and MF combined. To this very day and him passing away when I was 7 I really never understood why he was that way. I really thought and still do to some degree it was that I have always been very Charlie Brown like, meaning awkward, a bit shy and yes clumsy, in fact I was very clumsy every throwing toy would land on the roof, I couldn’t throw a ball hard without breaking a window and include falling downstairs, breaking a large window when I fell threw it and falling off a small cliff when I tripped over my own feet. All of that is quite true, some might even say it is a miracle with all the accidents I had I survived to adulthood where I did outgrow it.

My mother on the other hand was overprotective.

My late brother had his own issues.

So as you can see questions.

So I took the test, which meant waiting for it to arrive, use the activation code they sent me. Spitting in to a tube and mailing it back.

In the meantime someone on Twitter offered to do my Family Tree (unsure if they want me to mention there handle). Oh B R O T H E R!!! Sure I was worried about ID theft, but I have my credit reports locked. But everything worked out they did a truly amazing job.

No joke this is the oldest family member found.

To live to 70 in the Middle Ages was amazing. Sverige is Sweden in case you did not know.

I also discovered both my parents had siblings I did not know about, and my own mother had 4 kids, 2 died still as an infant.

The Results

Although the results popped in what I actually got surprised me, I had 1 2/3rd Cousins and and about 390+ 3rd or more.

Despite sending messages out I did get 2 replies the most important one was from the daughter of my father’s sisters. Who eventually want to see me in person, which I plan on for next year. It seems them and there families live in the Los Angeles area. Where even they don’t know why my parents stopped speaking to every one. I still hope to get a clue why later, but here is one more piece I am leaving for this article. My father was a really nice guy when he was speaking to his family, that is not the father I remember….sadly.

Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

The real source of peace of mind is love and compassion; not the love we feel for those who are close and already affectionate towards us, but an unlimited sense of altruism, a love that can be extended to all beings, including your enemy, which only human beings are capable of.