Furpocalypse Registration Open

Furpocalypse which takes place on Oct 27 to 30 in Stamford, CT did a full update to their site recently. Not only was Registration opened but everything else was revealed.

As you can see from their banner this years theme: Horror in Paradise. I can only imagine what some might come up with.

Guests of Honor

and of course Registration

From my understanding those con glasses they are offering have become quite collectable.

You can Register HERE

Furry Camping in Argentina?!!!

Surprising what everyone does not know of other events around the world. Fur Camp Corddob`es hopes to restart theirs sometime this year. More news on this later when it is announced.

Anthro NW 2023 Posters

Getting these posters ready and printed for @BiggestLittleFC. If you would like one, stop by @GoldenDruid‘s booth in the vendor’s room and she will give you one for free. Special thanks to @panda_paco for the beautiful “Love” themed artwork.

You can’t beat FREE