Furrstein (Czech Republic)

So what is Furrstein? It is a real fur con that takes place in a converted castle. Meaning it went from a castle to a hotel.

So being out in a rural part of that country. Con prices also include cost of rooms.

Converted to USD the prices work out like this

2950 CZK for the Basic works out to be $128 to the top price of $141 in other words cheap compared to US Cons. If you ever wanted to hang out in a real castle next to Wild North (Scotland) here is your chance.

Furrstein this is also their very 1st

Radio Rabbit Interview with “For All”

LINK to Interview

Belgian Shepherd Left Behind in Ukraine

In an article on The Animal Rescue site by Andrea Powell

They tell about…

Russian forces were driven out of the villages of the Nikolaev region near Mykolaiv by the Ukrainian military and left behind many dangerous objects – and a Belgian Shepherd.

Ukrainians view dogs as members of the family and took the abandoned dog in as one of their own. The trained military dog was renamed Max and joined the defenders of Ukraine.

The National Guard of Ukraine posted about their new team member and said, “This is a Belgian shepherd, about three years old and he is in great shape. All the base teams know. So far he understands teams only in the language of the occupiers, but Ukrainian language classes have already begun.”

These Guards and their animal partners save lives from all Russia has left behind in that senseless ware