Soda City Fur Con Interview

Soda City Fur Con will take place in Columbia, South Carolina at some future date. With so many things that are still unknown this interview with their representative gives us a glimpse what is happening now.

Furry Times (FT): I once heard that you got your start at another local convention. Could you tell me how it start and what it grew into.

Soda City Fur Con (SCFC): Starting a con was in the books for a while now, just recent events that happened at another conversation, started the process suddenly. So we took the opportunity and ran with it.

Plus a few local groups failed to start a convention here in South Carolina.

FT: From my understanding there is so much that goes into starting a con. Such as picking a hotel, and charity. I know it’s early and you really can’t say. But in very general terms have you an idea where you like SCFC to be held.

SCFC: We are currently eyeballing the Marriot Columbia and others around the area.

FT: Also will you be a non profit?

SCFC: We are going to be a Non Profit

We filed for our 501c3 Status last week thanks to a generous donation.

FT: Is their a general feeling on your end when you like to hold the con?

SCFC: As of now we do not have a set date but we have a a range of years 2024 as our primary With 2025-2026-2027 as back up years if 2024 does not work out.

As for the months we are doing our research. February is a possibility due to it still being winter

FT: Is there anything you like the public to know

SCFC; Pretty much everything we said above We need all the help we can get so if they want to support us our donation link to Ko-Fi