Melbourne Furry Makers Market

Melbourne Furry Makers Market which is going to take place on Aug 28th is something so unique

A market for furry artists and creators!
Come along and commission or buy merch from local artists. More details on traders to come over the next month on

Although I know this is one event most of us won’t rush to be apart of, due to our current location. I encourage anyone who lives in the area might want to be apart of.

But I wonder will this repeat in other parts of the word?

Details can be found here

Amoured Fox Press Needs Submissions

I know it’s rare these days when a publisher is looking for submissions. But Amoured Fox Press needs yours.

The details are these Tarl Hoch is putting together a and I quote

Furry/Lovecraftian/Erotic/University Themed Anthology

(Title to be determined)

Deadline: When Full (with a hopeful publication of 2023, but will depend on how quickly we get stories. Feel free to contact us if you are concerned it may be full)

The story MUST be Lovecraft themed, set in a University setting, must be furry (anthropomorphic animals), and must be erotic. There are many ways you can go about this, but we are primarily looking for horror erotica that makes use of Lovecraftian 

Full details can be found here

A Swordmaster’s Tale by Tarl Hoch

Swords come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as do those who devote themselves to learning the deadly dance of the blade. In this collection there are a variety of tales about swordmasters from around this world and the next and their weapons of choice. From the curved shotel, to the mythical katana, to the ever recognizable longsword, you will learn of these amazing swords and those that wield them with enough skill to be called masters.

Currently available from Amazon